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JOYNER LUCAS - Bank Account (Remix)

JOYNER LUCAS - Bank Account (Remix)

I'm willing to die for this shit
I'm ready to flip it and end up in prison the rest of my life for this shit
So my momma ain't want me, she got an abortion
I end up surviving this shit
And if I wanted somethin', I ain't got the money
I'll probably be robbing this shit
Don't know how much I cry for this shit
Said I am willing to ride for this shit
You know murder's my hobby inside of my closet, a bunch of dead bodies and shit
Niggas say that I'm cursed 'cause I go to church and stare at the Bible and shit
Shawty say I'm the worst, cos I do my dirt, and I don't be hiding this shit

Bitch I'm a savage I spit at you bastards, I wonder what you gonna do to me hoe
I need to hear some more rapping I'm just not impressed by your cash or your jewelry hoe
All you my soldiers and I'm a lieutenant
Goddammit you should be saluting me hoe
I hope you know I ain't going nowhere
All you rappers just better get used to me hoe
Nigga, I'm Mr. Blue with my jeans, bought me a jeep, cuz I wasn't riding as much
My bank account looking weak, don't look at me, I ain't got no time for no fun
Starting to feel like Tyrese, I'm 'bout to trip, and maybe start crying or sumthin'
I might just hit up the [Smith's], throw me a fit and wait for my wire to come
Ain't nobody give or show me love when I was coming up, I had to double up and tell these niggas buckle up before they ride
And they don't really wanna knuckle up, I hit it with the uppercut, I had these motherfuckers running for they life
Unidentified craft, while I'm flying past all of my aliens Sailin', and if you look up in the sky
Blew your mind back, push your eyes back, threw your iPad, I'm an Iraqi in suicide
When the bombs are loaded and your mind explode in the wind
Are you gonna sit down and repent?
I was raised in the sewer
Me and the